About Us


Nova had a small beginning in late 2004 as a supplier of engineering materials, not so commonly used in that era, to the construction industry. The three main product groups Nova supplied and serviced were Road Marking Materials, Geosynthetics, and Liquid Paints for line marking. The demand for these materials were meagre and irregular during those initial years. With the commencement of infrastructure development commencing year 2006, the demand for those materials increased gradually.


While the company increased market share in Road Marking Materials, Nova achieved tremendous success in the Geosynthetics market with the project
consultants approving the products offered by Nova for the Southern Transport Development Project (STDP) in the year 2007. Nova supplied majority
share of Geosynthetics in two sections/ contracts out of three mega contracts awarded for the construction of STDP. The items concerned were Woven
Geotextiles, Nonwoven Geotextiles, and Prefabricated Vertical Drains. Nova retained its position as the lead supplier of Geosynthetics for Kottawa to
Kurundugahahetekma section of STDP until the completion of the Southern Expressway, under stiff competition. This paved the way for NOVA to enter
as a reputed supplier of Geosynthetics in the construction of Outer Circular Highway (OCH). This success story is a testimony for NOVA’s ability to
service mega infrastructure development project is the country. With the experience gained, Nova is now geared to service requirements of almost all
types of Geosynthetics required for infrastructure development.


Nova was very careful in identifying supply sources. Materials and brands were selected carefully based on results of materials testing in accredited
laboratories, as well as based on credentials and reputations of the manufacturer / supplier organizations.


Nova is a lead supplier in reflective Line Marking paints for Road and Airfield applications. As a registered supplier of reflective line marking paints, NOVA regularly supply Water Based and CR Based paints to Colombo and Mattala Airports. NOVA achieved another milestone by supplying and applying reflective paints to the entire Mattala Airport during its constructions.


NOVA has proved its consistency in Quality and Service in the past 12 years for all its product groups. Ability to mobilize expert technical support locally as well as through our overseas partners have been valued by our customers. NOVA offers materials and brands to the local market only after thorough scrutiny. NOVA team is led by a Chartered Civil Engineer with extensive experience in Civil Engineering Construction as well as in Marketing, which further assures a professional service.


NOVA office and Geosynthetics warehouse with ample capacity is conveniently located at 518/2, Maharagama Road, Arangala, Hokandara. Line marking material store is located at 612, Athurugiriya Road, Malambe. Both locations are in close proximity to the Aturugiriya Interchange of OCH.

Our Clients

    Nova has been in the business of supplying Engineering materials to infrastructure projects since 2004, and has maintained an unblemished record for Quality, Technology and Service.
    Some reputed brands nova has offered so far are Kangaroo, Kiaratex, Tencate Polyfelt, NAUE and Acetex.


    518/2, Maharagama Rd, Hokandara North, Hokandara, Sri Lanka


    +94 112 560 595